Wendy Ann Greenhalgh.jpg

Scar Drawings by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

Stasis and flow, point and line are experienced meditatively through a series of drawings made in one sitting, each an iteration of somatic experience encapsulated as gesture. The sequence reveals how even what seems stuck is subtly changing - that every point is, in fact, a line slowed in time and space. In this way the gestural marks also stand in for the body - my body - captured in a single, experiential moment.

Marks in graphite, balance, contrast and echo the ink already on the page, increasing the sense of a body moving temporally (through experience), as well as spatially. Whilst the small, parallel gold lines, resembling stitches or sutures, encapsulate ideas of damage and healing, the metaphoric beauty of scars.

I use these drawings as a way of meditatively exploring and recontextualising my embodied experience at a time when an ongoing chronic health condition is creating difficult mental and emotional states about this. They challenge me to view my situation differently, revealing how everything, even pain and fatigue, is in a constant state of flux and change.

Placed at points of compositional tension within the drawing, the gold scars accentuate the places where the ink forms seem to pull away or move towards each other, marking a moment of aversion or attraction, stitching together the moment my mind separates itself through fear or clinging from the unfolding of my lived experience.