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Performed Drawings by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

These drawings describe the felt experience of drawing, the tactility of materials and mark-making, direct experience and the drawn line.

In my performed drawings I use my body as the surface and ground of drawing, and as implement and tool. This is an exploration of drawing as verb and noun, as I describe in Drawing as Koan


another verb
to raise to the surface
or from a container
I am the container
I am the surface
not the paper


In traditional ink painting the line and the point are considered the two key elements of the art making process. In my performed drawings the two points are often located on the body, or the body becomes the mark-making tool which I use to draw the line between points. 

Body, point, line, ink, charcoal, skin - my body becoming a private site of intimate, sensory activity as well as a public site through which the viewer can share the sensual experience of drawing, traversing the pictorial somatic space.

click each image in this gallery to watch the performance on vimeo.