Wendy Ann Greenhalgh Biography.jpg

WENDY ANN GREENHALGH is a UK based visual artist, meditator, creative mindfulness teacher and author. She has a BA in Fine Art (1st class) from Kingston University in London. 

Her mostly abstract, process-based, contemporary drawing practice combines an exploration of mark-making and the immediacy of the body and phenomenological experience, with two-decades of immersion in dharma, mindfulness and meditation.

Working largely in monochrome and on paper, she draws inspiration from gestural abstraction, body and process based post-minimalism; alongside Zen Buddhist aesthetics and art, such as wabisabi and kintsugi.

Her drawings explore ideas of form and emptiness, presence and consciousness and she considers drawing a vital and illuminative part of her meditative practice, each series of drawings a visual-koan she works with and performs over time.

Wendy Ann Greenhalgh is the author of two books, Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing: A creative path to awareness, and Stop Look Breathe Create: 4 easy steps to mindfulness through creativity.