Stop Look Breathe Create: SENSATION

A 5 week Sensory Creative Mindfulness eCourse coming in 2018


Sensory Mindfulness

Sensory mindfulness is at the heart of the Stop Look Breathe Create practice. Through our senses we connect with the world around us. Through our senses we ground ourselves in our bodies, staying mindfully with the here and now. And through our senses, so much of our pleasure and delight in life can be found.

The warmth of the sun on our faces and bare arms, warming our skin, warming us from the outside in, gladdening us. Birdsong, a susurration of sound that lulls us, cheers us, makes our lives liquid. The taste of pomegranate seeds, sharp and bloody on our tongue. Petrichor, the scent of rain on asphalt on our evening walk home, rising up in the dark from below our feet, all around us. The ocean, a wide expanse of light, shimmering and scintillating to the horizon, so bright we carry the after image when we close our eyes.

Stop Look Breathe Create with ALL your senses

In the Stop Look Breathe Create book I introduced you to the 4 simple steps of the practice.

  • Stop - push the pause button on life
  • Look - connect with the beauty of the world around you
  • Breathe - come alive to the breath as you breathe with what you're looking at
  • Create - turn this mindful moment into a drawing, photo or piece of writing

In the Stop Look Breathe Create: Sensation eCourse I invite you to deepen your mindful connection to all your senses through five mindful drawing, photography and writing projects. The emphasis is on a joyful practice that not only reconnects you with the sensual world but also focuses on the positive sensory experiences you have, increasing your sense of wellbeing and retraining your brain to notice the good in your life.

Resources and projects on the Stop Look Breathe Create eCourse

The Stop Look Breathe Create: Sensation eCourse provides full instruction through a mixture of:

  • Five guided sensory mindfulness meditations on MP3,
  • Five video tutorials - 1 for each week of the eCourse
  • Stop Look Breathe Create: Sensation Course Book on PDF
  • A Meditation Diary for you to keep track of your progress week by week

When you sign-up for the eCourse you'll get a code to access and download the course materials from this website. Your enrolment gives you lifetime access to the course resources. You can complete the eCourse in your own time and share your practice, ask questions and receive feedback in the Stop Look Breathe Create Facebook Group.


The Stop Look Breathe Create eCourse launches later in 2018.

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