Wendy Ann Greenhalgh - books on mindful drawing, photography, writing & mixed-media


Stop Look Breathe Create

4 easy steps to mindfulness through creativity

Published by Ilex Press 2017

STOP - Press the pause button on life.

LOOK - And also listen, smell, taste and touch. Become aware of the beauty of the sensory world around you.

BREATHE - Connect with the tide of life, the breath, as it moves through your body.

CREATE - Express your experience in photography, drawing or writing. 

The 30 stimulating projects in this book will encourage you to become more mindful and enjoy your creativity freely.

'Beautifully illustrated - Wendy Ann Greenhalgh has discovered a vast creative territory, utilising four simple but powerful steps that anyone can use.' 
Endorsement of Stop Look Breathe Create by John F Simon Jr - Visual Artist & Author of 'Drawing Your Own Path'
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Mindfulness & The Art of Drawing:

A creative path to awareness

Published by Leaping Hare Press 2015

Everyone can draw. And everyone can be mindful. Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing is an engaging and enlightening insight into why the everyday process of setting pencil to paper is a meditative act by its innate nature. An enjoyable and discursive text offers an absorbing read and is accompanied by exercises that offer the reader practical experience in drawing mindfully. A lively, surprising and inspirational creative journey.

Edición en Español de Ediciónes Siruela ahora diponible.


"Greenhalgh’s mindfulness drawing turns all of life into an art museum for us to see and appreciate through time and effort."
Review of Mindfulness and the Art of Drawing by Bob Duggan on Big Think.