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Mindful Art & Mindful Writing - Guided meditations for you to listen to and download via Soundcloud


Drawing with the Breath Meditation

This guided mindful drawing meditation is the first practice I teach on all my mindful creativity classes. It's simple, enjoyable and relaxing and can be used as a daily mindfulness practice. It's suitable if you've never meditated or drawn before - or if you have lots of mindfulness and drawing experience. This meditation is featured in my book, Mindfulness & The Art of Drawing. You'll need paper and a pen.


Mindful Writing & Journalling Meditation

This body and breath based mindfulness practice will lead you into a period of mindful writing or journalling. This guided meditation is ideal before you open your diary or do your morning pages. You'll need paper and a pen.


Loving Kindness Drawing Meditation

Using the circle of the breath and the circling of the hand as it draws on the page, this 15 minute creative loving kindness meditation will allow you to connect with your body and breath with gentleness and tenderness. You'll feel more connected and gentle with yourself, by the time you open your heart awareness to bring to mind a loved one, resting in the feelings of warmth, opening and connection that this simple loving kindness meditation brings. You'll need paper and a pen.


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FREE Creative Mindfulness podcasts for you to listen to and download via Soundcloud


What is Creative Mindfulness?

In this podcast I ask (and answer) the questions - what is creative mindfulness? - why do creativity and mindfulness go together? - and - why is combining mindfulness with creativity helpful? This talk was originally given to members of the National Art Education Association


Commitment, Balance and Intention: 3 types of effort in meditation and creativity

In this short podcast I talk about the kinds of effort we have to make when we practice creativity and mindfulness, and explore the three qualities of commitment, balance and intention that we need to develop in order to practice.


Stop Look Breathe Create: 4 Easy Steps to Mindfulness Through Creativity

This short podcast is an introduction to my Stop Look Breathe Create creative mindfulness practice. Find out more and practice for yourself by joining the 3 CHALLENGE, a free 3 week Stop Look Breathe Create mindful art course. Or buy the Stop Look Breathe Create book. 


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