Stop Look Breathe Create - Mindful Drawing Class Video

mindful art class.jpg

Join this video mindful drawing class

This is a recording of a Live Facebook Stream to the Art of Mindfulness community to celebrate the launch of my new Stop Look Breathe Create book.

You can take this one hour creative mindfulness class at any time. For the drawing activity you will need:
1) A pen or pencil and paper
2) Some things to draw which have interesting textures and shapes. E.G. Shells, seedpods, stones, a hairbrush, cheese grater, or house-plant.

(Class starts 10 minutes in to the timeline - timings are approximate) 
* 15 minute introductory meditation; 
* 10 minute talk about mindful creativity and the Stop Look Breathe Create creative mindfulness practice; 
* 20 minutes of guided mindful drawing activities
* 10 minutes Q and A. 

We'd love to see the drawings you make during the class. Please do post them on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook Page - or on your Instagram or Twitter feeds using the #stoplookbreathecreate hashtag