Stop Look Breathe Create Mindful Drawing Challenge January 2018

new year stop look breathe create mindful drawing

Start your new year with a boost of mindfulness, creativity and community

You can't beat mindful drawing for calming the mind, relaxation, self-care and inner peace  - which are all things we tend to need in BIG doses after the whirlwind of the holiday season.

And if making resolutions to be more mindful, and more creative in 2018 are upper-most in your mind, then there's nothing like doing it with others to help you follow through and actually do it! Community around our creative and mindfulness practice is so very important for helping us to stick with it, stay encouraged, and enjoy it too. (Something the members of the Stop Look Breathe Create Facebook Group will confirm!)

Most of all, isn't it good to know as the dark days of January roll in in the Northern hemisphere, that you'll have something positive and uplifting to do every single day for a month? And if you're enjoying the Southern summer - you'll need to come in from the sun sometime!

So for all these reasons, mindfulness, creativity, well-being, community and a boost through the dark months of the year, in January the Art of Mindfulness community have the opportunity to come together again for Mindful Drawing Month.

The last Mindful Drawing Month was a huge success - with many people establishing a daily mindful drawing practice that they've sustained well beyond the month, and which has taken their creativity in new and exciting directions. (You can read about Myra and Lynne and their own accounts of their experience by clicking the link on their names.)

In this way the whole Art of Mindfulness community can welcome new members and practice together, and you'll have a real feeling, that all around the world, other creative, mindful folk are practicing alongside you.

Guided meditations and advice to support your practice

1) There are two mindful drawing practices which will support and deepen your practice. You can download them both as meditations from my Soundcloud below and use them on Day 1 and 5 of the challenge. 

DAY 1: Self Compassion Drawing Meditation

DAY 5: Mindful Drawing with the Breath

2) I'll also be offering pointers for practice when I post my own drawings each morning on Instagram and Facebook. So make sure you follow me in one of those places.

3) If you need more ideas then my Mindfulness and the Art of Drawing book has lots more meditations, exercises and practices as additional inspiration that you can feed in to the challenge.

4) Finally the #stoplookbreathecreate 3 Challenge, a FREE 3 week eCourse also contains a mindful drawing meditation and a short mindful drawing tutorial. You can sign up for this here. 

31 fun mindful drawing prompts

The daily mindful drawing prompts will make it even easier for you to get into this challenge, and stick with it. The simple, playful, daily prompts will get you exploring, experimenting, mark-making, being mindful and creative as you draw. They're also especially designed to encourage you: 

  • To discover drawing as something you can do with your whole body not just your hands
  • To explore drawing as an action and a process which isn't at all about end results
  • And to help you develop a stronger mindful awareness of your body as you draw

You can be as literal, imaginative, inventive and meditative as you want with these prompts. They're here simply to get you started. Where you go after that is entirely up to you. These prompts will work well for children too too. So if you've got a young family and they want to join in they can. 

You may want to work just with abstract mark-making or expressive and intuitive art, or you may want to draw the world around you. Or both. It's entirely up to you. You may want to concentrate on one medium (ink for example) or experiment with many different drawing media. Or you can do the whole thing in ball point pen on the backs of envelopes! 

Mindful Drawing Month Prompts For January 2018

  1. Circles
  2. Draw with your non dominant hand
  3. Eyes shut
  4. Blue
  5. Breathe
  6. Touch
  7. Upside Down
  8. Draw with your feet
  9. Green
  10. Finger painting
  11. Rhythm
  12. Negative spaces
  13. Sounds
  14. Red
  15. Draw with your mouth
  16. Very small
  17. Inside Out
  18. Black
  19. Make a tool for mark-making. Use it.        
  20. Texture
  21. Very big
  22. Draw on something other than paper
  23. Orange
  24. Leave no trace
  25. Back to front
  26. Draw with two hands
  27. Self compassion
  28. Spirals
  29. White
  30. Repetition
  31. Freestyle

Share your practice with the Art of Mindfulness community

I'm inviting you to make this a real community event by posting your own daily practice on Instagram or Twitter using the #stoplookbreathecreate hashtag - or if that's a little too public for you, sharing in our private, friendly and supportive Stop Look Breathe Create Facebook Group

Here's the link for our lovely Facebook Group - it's a safe, friendly and encouraging space to share your creativity.

Keep up to date with the Challenge via the Facebook Event Page here.


Right click and save this reminder of all the Mindful Drawing Month prompts.

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