FREE Stop Look Breathe Create Mindful Art Class and Book Launch

Stop Look Breathe Create Book Launch.jpg

Come and join me LIVE on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page on Sunday 16th July.

I've so enjoyed sharing the #stoplookbreathecreate 3 CHALLENGE mindful art course with you all - and I'd love the chance to spend an evening with you to celebrate all we've done and welcome new people to the Art of Mindfulness community.

During the one hour mindul art gathering on Sunday 16th July - I'll be live video streaming as we join together for the following creative, mindful activities:

- A Stop Look Breathe mindfulness meditation together

- A short talk from me about the Stop Look Breathe Create practice

- A mindful drawing exercises from the new Stop Look Breathe Create book which we'll do together

- A Q and A, where you can add your questions about creative mindfulness, Stop Look Breathe Create, and your own practice in the comments below the video. I'll do my best to answer them.

- We'll finish with a short meditation

What you'll need for the Stop Look Breathe Create art class

You'll need some paper and a pen or pencil on the night.

Also find some interesting objects - with nice shapes and textures and keep these to hand too. We'll be using them for our Stop Look Breathe Create mindful art activities.

Exclusive giveaways and gifts

During the 1 hour class there'll also be some exclusive GIVEAWAYS as a big THANK YOU to our lovely community (more about those at a later date).

If you'd like to WIN one of these you'll need to do the following

1) LIKE the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page here

2) JOIN the Art of Mindfulness community by signing up for the community E-News (You'll also get the 3 CHALLENGE mindful art course for FREE) Just CLICK the join button at the bottom of this page.

3) SIGN IN to the LIVE video stream on Sunday July 16th by adding your name and where you are watching in the comments section.

Time Zones 

You lovely lot are all around the world, so I've tried to time this event so as many of you as possible will be awake and can join us. 

Check your time here...

- USA/PST - Noon Sunday July 16th

- USA/EST - 3pm Sunday July 16th

- UK - 8pm Sunday July 16th

- MAINLAND EUROPE - 9pm Sunday July 16th

- AUSTRALIA (EAST COAST) - 5am Monday July 17th

= NEW ZEALAND - 7am Monday July 17th


I'll be posting more about this as the time goes by on the Facebook Event Page - so please do register as GOING there, so that you're sure to get updates - especially about those FREE giveaways.