Create true - forget about pretty

no to pretty yes to real.jpg

Say NO to 'pretty' and YES to creativity that's mindful and true.

THIS IS NOT PRETTY. We don't have to create pretty, just TRUE, dear folk. As true as we can. Being true is mostly not pretty. No pretty colours to put on our Insta. No resolved or finished either. When is life ever resolved or finished? When is a drawing?

Mindfulness for me is about showing up every day and being truthful. THIS is what is happening. THIS is my experience. I'm being as truthful as I can with myself... 

THIS IS NOT PRETTY. It is not meant to be pretty, dear folk. We're not meant to be. Excuse me - but pretty can EFF OFF. We and our creating are meant to be on the edge, raw, challenging, growing, exciting and alive. What this often looks like is messy, ugly, dark, powerful, uncomfortable, unfinished, and constantly changing. Beautiful because of it.

And when it looks like that we know we're in our true space, our dharmakaya, our wisdom body. The great freeing truth is that we can forgive ourselves and our art for not being perfect pretty, coz we only have to be true. Then instead of craving the pretty times - and they have their merits, and do come along, little glints in the glades of life - we can embrace the great ugly messy gorgeousness of it all.

Right now I'm drawing dark. I've been calling these drawings Dark Matter and also Architectures. This is because I am feeling, sitting with and seeing truly the huge tower blocks of fear my mind constructs around me and how deeply painful it is to live in them.

And drawing by drawing, meditation by meditation, I am transmuting them. I've been working on this drawing solidly for 2 weeks now, layer upon layer, it hasn't felt pretty at all. But it's felt true. And ah the peace of true! I know I'm in the right place, drawing the right thing, being just-as-I-am-in-this-moment with as much acceptance and self-compassion as I can possibly muster.

So this September I've decide to eschew pretty and make a stand for raw boned, beautiful ugly messy - because the red thread of life is ever a tangle, and I'm celebrating that. Will you join me in a #notopretty day or even month?