Mindfulness and Creativity: Inspirational quote of the month

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Meditation and creativity beyond right or wrong

We bring so many value judgements to our creating and meditating. And to ourselves. Not just is IT right but are WE wrong? Like there's some fundamental flaw in us that means that whatever we do we'll never trust it.

But we have to trust the truth of who we are and what we do. This goes way beyond value judgements of right or wrong - this is about knowing that who we are and therefore what we do with that - the art we make, the stories poems or songs we write, the way we sit in meditation - is a whole hearted expression of pure creativity of awareness and energy that's so WHOLE it doesn't know the meaning of opposites, of good bad, right wrong, artwork artist, you me, meditating not meditating.

When we're whole hearted in our practice, we are ourselves, and we offer up all of ourselves fearlessly, holding nothing back. Whatever happens then is WHOLENESS and REALNESS and we can trust it utterly. 

I read so many things that inspire me and give me pause to reflect and come to new understandings - so this blog is part of a regular series of quotes and personal reflections. Do share your own thoughts and reflections in the comments below.

Michael Stone was an extraordinary buddhist teacher, yogi, meditator and social activist. He died in July 2017 but leaves behind an enormous body of books, teachings, podcasts and resources as a gift to us all..  https://michaelstoneteaching.com/

This quote is from the talk The Path of Your Heart https://soundcloud.com/michaelstoneteaching/copenhagen-1-the-path-of-your-heart?in=michaelstoneteaching/sets/copenhagen-talk-series