Mindfulness and Creativity: Inspirational Quote of the Month


We can mindfully choose our reality

I've been very aware once again this week of how art sustains me and how beauty sustains me. For me this isn't about escaping from reality though, but rather reminding myself that there are other realities right here and right now, and that how we use our minds, look at and think about the world, our life, our relationships is the reality we perceive. When I make art I'm choosing always to move into a more expansive space within myself, a more expansive view, and when I #stoplookbreathecreate with the beauty that is ALWAYS right here I am changed by it - even if just for a moment. So I must keep making art. I must keep on looking. It reminds me that whatever is going on in life I still have the power to make a shift, to find a reality with more peace, more self compassion, more openness. 

I read so many things that inspire me and give me pause to reflect and come to new understandings - so this blog is part of a regular series of quotes and reflections. Do share your own thoughts and reflections in the comments below