Mindful Drawing to Music

wendy ann greenhalgh mindful drawing.jpg

Mindful drawing whilst listening to music

I've been listening to a lot of really amazing music recently - including pieces by the composer Somei Satoh. It's been there in the background as I've been creating many of my red thread drawings. 

So this month I thought I'd suggest a mindful drawing with music meditation for you to try.

Start by listening to my guided meditation - Drawing with the Breath, which is the first meditation on the resources page of my website here. Follow the instructions for becoming mindful of body and breath.

Then, once you've established a close and mindful relationship between body, breath and pen, pause that meditation and press play on the video below. You'll hear Somei Satoh's composition Birds in Warped Time. This is a piece with a lot of variation in tone and emotion (or at least for me), so it's an interesting one to practice with.

Continue to breathe and move the pen, but allow the sounds you're hearing and your physical and emotional responses to them to also be part of this guiding process.

Don't over analyse it. Don't try to intepret a noisy sound with a 'noisy' mark - your body and mind is more subtle than that. Simply let the body, breath and music take you on a journey.

If you don't like this piece of music - you could try drawing that response. Or (since this is meant to be relaxing!) switch to a favourite piece of music instead.