Mindful Drawing Month: Myra's Story

Myra Lowe from Taumarunui, New Zealand, joined Mindful Drawing Month, here's what she has to say...

Mindful Blind Contour Drawing

I undertook two methods of drawing for this project. The first being Blind Contour Drawing. Each day I chose an aspect of my garden and during the month extended this to surrounding landscapes. The second was making marks whilst following the breath which I call Rhythms of the Breath.

The Blind Contour drawings, aside from a lovely record of my garden, have helped me develop a looser style of drawing and a keener ability to see and appreciate intricacies in the object being drawn. These drawings and continued practice of Blind Contour drawing will provide great material for future pieces of artwork.

Mindful drawing with the breath

The Rhythms of the Breath drawings were done by making marks either on the in breath, the out breath or both. Initially I explored the difference in quality of the marks, then began using patterns and the theme of the Silk Thread arose as I combined drawing with my Tai Chi practice. This developed further as I experimented with acrylic paint, ink and in the final pieces shellac.

These drawings were far more challenging than the Blind Contour drawing as I found myself approaching the concept of pure abstraction where no object is present. In the letting go of the need for there to be a recognisable object and in the imperfection of circles and lines I began to experience the drawing as amore creative process than that of the realistic art I produce.

Being creative with themes and marks, exploring how mediums interact, having no object, trusting that what I was putting on paper was acceptable art, was a deeper and more demanding process than drawing that which I could see. The form, the marks, the abstraction had to come from within me.

Mindful Creativity

I saw this as becoming creative rather than having artistic ability. This creating was more fulfilling.  I could take more risks and let the mindful process of mark making, just following the breath push me to the edge of my understanding of my art, my skills and my development as an artist.

I know I have the artistic ability to produce a drawing or painting of a leaf or a landscape. My next challenges are to create a drawing or painting of a leaf or landscape that goes beyond a realistic image into what my response to that image is and to push this edge further toward creating a painting that has a pure abstract form arising from within me  on the breath.

Creative Process

I have been walking around the edge of abstraction for some time, making  small attempts at it. My participation in the Mindful Drawing Project has shifted me and moved me toward this new way of exploring how I can express myself through a more creative process. I gained tools to develop this and see this as a creative development of me as an artist.

Producing art is a wonderful means of expression, Creating art is an expression from a deeper connection with one’s inner self.


You can seem more of Myra's mindful drawing here.