Mindfulness and Creativity: Inspirational Quote of the Month

creative mindfulness.jpg

So many times in our meditating and creating we want to be other than what we are. We want to be calmer, clearer, less restless, more loving, more wise, more at peace. We want to draw better, have better ideas, more inspiration, more discipline. Creating and meditating can become this wilful effort to get somewhere, be something else. 

But when we #stoplookbreathecreate we are making time and space to pause and be AWARE. And when we do this we eventually realise we've come home, that BEING aware is the what we were looking for AND who we are. In simply being the awareness, we have discovered ourselves without a need for better or to get somewhere. And this home is a space of limitless creativity with no shoulds, musts or shouldn'ts cluttering it up. 

I read so many things that inspire me and give me pause to reflect and come to new understandings - so this blog is the start of what will be a regular series of quotes and reflections. Do share your own thoughts and reflections in the comments below.