Guidelines for practice during the Mindful Drawing Challenge


How to practice mindful drawing this month

The January Mindful Drawing Challenge has proved way more popular than I could have possibly imagined, with hundreds and hundreds of you practicing across two social media platforms. In order to make things as simple as possible (for you and for me!), this blog, brings all the links and advice you'll need together in one place.

The mindful drawing prompts...

Mindful Drawing Month Prompts.jpg

These prompts are for you to interpret in any way that you wish. You can work abstractly or from life in any media you choose.

Help with the prompts

I'll be posting my own drawings each day as a video on Instagram and on my own Facebook Page here. I will also pin it at the top of the Stop Look Breathe Create Facebook group each day, You're free to copy my process and also follow the ideas and thoughts I mention. This is the only daily input you'll get from me on how to do the challenges. The most important thing to remember is that anything goes and that it's all about the experience of drawing, the process, and not the end results. Have confidence in yourself that you'll find a way of doing this that is right for you. I've every confidence in you!

How to be mindful whatever you draw

Whatever you draw, in order to make it more mindful, you will bring your awareness to your body, breath, thoughts and emotions whilst you are drawing. Checking in with yourself and the process, making adjustments, practicing lots of kindness and self compassion.

Video support

The welcome video will give you more advice on how to practice drawing mindfully. Please watch it. 


Guided Meditations

There are three guided meditations as extra support during the month. These will help you develop some mindful drawing skills you can apply across the month whenever you draw. Please note there are NOT specific guided meditations for every day.

DAY 1: Circles:

DAY 5: Breathe:

DAY 6: Touch:

Day 6 is a 1 hour mindful drawing class with a 10 minuted guided mindfulness meditation followed later by a 15 minute guided mindful drawing exercise using TOUCH, which is the day 6 prompt.

Getting more in-depth guidance

The levels of support I can offer with such an unexpectedly big, beautiful cohort of mindful drawers is limited. And this is a challenge, not a course, after all. But much of what you really need is in the information above - and if you want to go deeper, then I suggest you grab yourself a copy of my Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing book.

Sharing your practice

Share your practice on Instagram using the #stoplookbreathecreate hashtag or join the Stop Look Breathe Create Facebook Group by hitting the button below.

Have fun and be kind

Finally, enjoy, experiment and explore. Trust drawing, as a naturally mindful activity, to lead you where you need to go (keeping that awareness of body, breath, thoughts and emotions as you go). Be kind to yourself too, very kind, your inner critic will arise many times over the month - but you have a wonderful opportunity to practice with it mindfully, acknowledging all the thoughts it creates as - just thoughts. Be self-compassionate, because this is the part of you that most needs your understanding, as it's the part of you that's most scared and most needs healing.

Go well, dear folk.