Mindfulness and Creativity: Inspirational Quote of the Month

art work is heart work.jpg

Art work IS heart-work.

Within us all - caught like creatures in amber - are the poetic images that drive our work, drive us. Creativity is a long slow glacier drift of inspiration that lasts our whole lives. We see. We are captured. These things are transferred by light, by the retina, by our own colloidal dark-room imaging in the brain, into our interior. And there they work on us. Dark seeds. Who knows when the work will be done. Our creative gestation might be instantaneous but more often it is a slow turning over in the body-mind, in the heart-mind, until an image or idea becomes blood-bone, until we can feel it growing, pushing out through our skull, a wild thing that must have its own life, that keens for air, the light of day, for birth. .
Or so it seems to me. May your heart-work be true...

I read so many things that inspire me and give me pause to reflect and come to new understandings - so this blog is part of a regular series of quotes and reflections. Do share your own thoughts and reflections in the comments below.